To create an Address, send the street name and number as address (e.g. 123 Main St) along with the postal_code (e.g. 92626) and country code (e.g. US). It is optional to send any apartment or unit number as unit (e.g. Apt 7).


Parking details provide context for someone how to park their car.
Required fields are:

  • If parking is paid or not (parking.paid_parking)
  • Where the Provider is meant to park (parking.parking_spot)
  • How much the Client will reimburse for parking (parking.parking_pay_with)
  • Any other notes about parking (parking.parking_notes) (e.g. "Park around back in my designated spot for Apt 7 labelled on the ground"). Good things to include here are street sweeping days or parking permits required.

Access and Closing Notes

You can also add notes for accessing the property (notes.access) (e.g. "Key is in the lockbox code 1234") and notes for closing the property after service (notes.closing) (e.g. "Make sure you put the key back into the lockbox, code 1234").

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